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Industrial Metal Drums

Industrial Metal Drums


Tonepusher is proud to introduce Industrial Metal Drums. Industrial Metal Drums is a multi sampled velocity sensitive Acoustic Drum instrument for NI Kontakt, made from 300+ drum samples, processed through a high-end signal chain. More than 15 years of knowledge packed in one mix-ready product. Get the sound as heard straight from the audio demo. Industrial Metal Drums kit was specially designed to get heavy and punchy drum sound from the box. No longer waste time mixing, processing, adding effects & busses, open Industrial Metal Drums and start composing right away. Inspired by the likes of artists such as Rammstein, Deathstars, Eisbrecher, Rob Zombie and much more. All samples are processed and ready to go straight to the mix bus. Minimal control for maximum productivity. Aimed at Industrial metal but great for any metal genre.


  • Kontakt Instrument (.nki)
  • WAV files
  • 300+ Samples
  • Instant download
  • High quality sounds



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