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A Nightmare on Tones Street

A Nightmare on Tones Street

Introducing ''A Nightmare on Tones Street'' - Are you ready to dive headfirst into the chilling soundscapes of your darkest dreams? Inspired by Charles Bernstein's ''A Nightmare on Elm Street'' soundtrack, unleash your inner Freddy Krueger and explore the spine-tingling world of Elm Street with our meticulously crafted Xfer Serum preset pack! 50 Nightmarish Presets, crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail. Each preset is designed to send shivers down your spine and immerse you in the haunting world of Nightmare on Elm Street. Containing basses, bells, brasses, FXs, pads & synths. Whether you're into film, video game, darksynth, synthwave or straight up horror these presets will help you unlock your creative nightmares and leave a lasting, haunting impression on your listeners. In summary, "A Nightmare on Tones Street" is tailored for anyone with a penchant for the macabre, seeking to infuse their music with an aura of darkness, suspense, and chilling excitement. Grab your copy now and start weaving the sonic tales of your darkest dreams with "A Nightmare on Tones street". Unlock your musical nightmares today!

This pack includes:

  • 18 Basses
  • 6 Bells
  • 3 Brasses
  • 4 FXs
  • 10 Pads
  • 9 Synths
  • All presets are 100% royalty free
  • Instant download
  • High quality sounds
  • 50 Xfer Serum presets

Cubase templates, MIDI and Audio stems available on PATREON

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